Business Development

Westwood Marketing has a successful history of managing strategic relationships between businesses in order to leverage expertise, advance technologies and expand opportunities for growth. 

We take on strategic and tactical projects for our clients; completing them more quickly, effectively and at a lower cost than could be achieved using internal resources.

We work with clients to establish goals, then collect and analyze data from extensive industry resources in order to present our recommendations to company management. In many cases we continue through the implementation phases of the project.

Investor Services

Westwood Marketing provides investors with ongoing, extensive, analysis of the semiconductor memory  and solid-state storage industries. Our analyses help investors enhance competitive position, increase margins, and reduce financial risk. 

Westwood Marketing provides market intelligence services to the investment community on an ad-hoc, quarterly or annual subscription basis. For information, please contact us for subscription information.


Expert Witness

Westwood Marketing, having extensive flash memory industry knowledge, is often called upon to provide expert witness services for clients involved in business transaction and intellectual property litigation.

Our real-world experience provides us with the ability to research claims, review and analyze correspondence, system produced reporting, public data, patent applications, issued patents, and related materials in order to provide our clients with the compelling reports they need to prove their case.