Robert Witkow President

Bob established Westwood Marketing in January of 2003 as a provider of market intelligence and business development services to the flash memory industry and related parties.

Semiconductor manufacturers, memory module manufacturers, worldwide storage brands, retailers,  and industry analysts recognize Mr. Witkow as an expert on non-volatile memory (NAND, NOR, MRAM, ReRAM, PCM) applications for solid-state storage, mobile telephones, digital cameras, and other consumer electronic devices. Much of his work involves supporting investors research, fund-raising and M&A activities. Mr. Witkow has served as an expert witness and has provided expert analysis and testimony on flash memory business matters. Many in the industry purchase his Flash Products Metrics and Analysis market survey.

Prior to establishing Westwood Marketing, Mr. Witkow served in senior sales and marketing management positions at SMART Modular Technologies, at Lexar Media, where he was Director of OEM and Technology Sales and Marketing, and at M-Systems, where as Director of Sales and Marketing he was responsible for bringing the DiskOnKey USB Flash Drive to the North American market. Prior to entering the memory industry, Mr. Witkow was engaged in sales and marketing of file management and enterprise computing and data storage systems at 3M and Wang Laboratories.

Mr. Witkow is a 1981 graduate of California State University, Northridge.


Lindy Stuckenschmidt Vice President, Research

Lindy joined Westwood Marketing in June 2005. Prior to joining the company, Ms. Stuckenschmidt was a Business Analyst at Quiznos, and established data quality procedures as part of the corporate shift to CRM. Previously, Lindy worked at Johns Manville as part of the legal and corporate development teams, where she helped research and organize projects for litigation matters and acquisition decisions.

Ms. Stuckenschmidt holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and an MBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

Craig Korn, Vice President - Editorial & Creative

Sara Witkow, Vice President - Government Affairs

Roberta Witkow, Vice President - Events & Conferences